Transactional Email Services

Transaction Email Services

Sending email is a lot harder than you would think! When sending bulk email it gets complex and quick, especially when it comes to deliverability (getting the email in front of the recipients). There's rules, regulations, policies and the list goes on. What seemed like a simple task has become a herculean effort in every way.

That's where we come in. We've worked through all of the hoopla needed to send transactional emails and built a platform that solves the road blocks of sending transactional emails.

What are transactional emails? A transactional email is a type of automated email triggered by an event within a software application, usually receipts and confirmations.

Our platform is built upon Amazon's Simple Email Services (SES) Platform. It's efficient, fast and works behind the scenes with any software application, new or old. We've even got reports that show the deliverability rates including delivered, bounced and rejected.

How will it work for your application? First thing, we discuss your project and make sure our offering fits your needs. If there's a fit we'll need a dedicated email address and some adjustments to the dns records. We'll then need to connect to your application via our Application Programming Interface (API) so that our platform knows when to send emails out. We have a standard email template but it's customizable with your branding and message. Once up and operational your transactional emails will flow directly to your customers.

Our monthly pricing model is simple:

  • Shared IP Address - $15
  • Dedicated IP Address - $30
  • The Cost of Emails - 0.001 cents per email

What's the difference between us and the "other guys"? We pick up the phone, we're respectful, and we take ownership of the call and work tirelessly to solve whatever is needed. Give us a try and see the difference!

Need more information or want to get started, call 865-686-5713 or Contact Us via our web form.