Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Today it's essential to provide a user friendly experience for all users across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile) and getting there is no easy task. With new devices being released almost daily it's impossible to keep up unless your website is responsive.

Responsive website design is a design approach that takes into consideration a user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. By using a design with flexible grid layouts, css (cascading style sheets), and correctly sized images the website will automatically "respond" to the user's device type. This type of design eliminates the need for a different design for each type of device on the market.

  • Modern Browser Compatible
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Accessible to People With Disabilities
  • Clean and Un-Cluttered Code Base
  • Quick & Easy Updates & Upgrades
  • Third Party App Friendly

From desktop to tablet to mobile, our responsive website designs just work.

Checkout our pre-designed responsive theme. You'll love the way it looks, feels and works click here.

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Responsive Design Platforms

Responsive Design Platforms

There are many platforms that support responsive design. To keep things simple we focus on three.

Weebly - A great starter solution complete with a built in Content Management System (CMS).

Wordpress - An intermediate solution with thousands of themes ready for customization and a built in Content Management System (CMS).

Custom Designed - Use our customizable pre-designed theme or we can create it from scratch to your specifications. Monthly updates are included when you host with us.

Integration With Third Party Software

Integration With Third Party Software

Prior to launching your new responsive website you'll more than likely need to integrate some type of third party application or software.

Our Content Guru's™ really know their stuff! With many years of real-world programming experience there's not an existing or new line of code we can't work with.

From shopping carts like our very own Content Shelf™ to affiliate programs to email marketing apps, we have the knowledge and software tools to integrate pretty much any third party app or software with your new website.

Did we mention that we're also fast and extremely efficient. Most third party apps can be installed, configured, tested and launched within 24-48 hours.

Weebly themes and pricing can be found at
We recommend for a great selection & affordable pricing on thousands of Wordpress themes.