Performance Hosting

Performance Hosting

When looking for a hosting solution for your content delivery application, we believe it's important to look for one that focuses on performance and the actual hosting environment, not just the lowest price. There is a difference you know, a BIG difference. The hosting environment you choose will be the underlying infrastructure for your online presence and will make or break you. You need a hosting provider that understands the mission-critical nature of your business. We partner with Rackspace to get the job done!

Performance Hosting is extremely complex and constantly evolving. For the past 10 years we have partnered with Rackspace because they are the leader in hosting platforms for database applications. Our servers are designed specifically for the needs of our clients and the content delivery applications we create and manage.

As a client, you can can rest easy knowing that your data is secure and hosted in the United States. All of our servers are professionally monitored around the clock with immediate access to our dedicated support engineers. Dedicated hardware is protected with 1 hour replacement service level agreements.

Performance Hosting

Hosting Designed For Digital Delivery

Performance - An architecture that delivers fast performance and uptime needed to run even the most demanding content delivery applications.

Scalable - Seamlessly scale server resources as business grows.

Two Level Support - Rackspace Fanatical Support® for the infrastructure level and Content Guru™ Support for the application level.

Complete Security - Fire Walls, Anti-Virus, PCI/SSL Compliance, and Access Control.

Dedicated Cloud Server
5,000 Megabytes of Storage
25 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
MySQL Database Services
Dedicated Cloud Server
10,000 Megabytes of Storage
50 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
MySQL, Cron, Pear Services
Dedicated Testing Environment
Dedicated Performance Server
15,000 Megabytes of Storage
100 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
MySQL, Cron, Pear Services
Dedicated Testing Environment
Dedicated PCI Fire Wall & Unique IP

For complete flexibility our Ala Carte services can be added to any of our hosting packages.

  • Unique IP Addresses
  • Additional Bandwidth
  • Additional Storage
  • Additional Sub-Domains
  • PCI Compliance with McAfee Secure
  • Business Email Services (Standard or Exchange)
  • Dedicated SSL Certificates
  • Dedicated Nightly Full Source Backup with 7 Day Retention & Rotation

Pricing is monthly and includes complete DNS Services. All hosting is LAMP.